Shoulder Upper Back

Shoulder Upper Back

Shoulder Pain


Upper Girdle

When to suggest:

» Shoulder problems
» Forward head/ neck problems
» Arm and hand problems
» Low back pain
» Driving/ Computer work
» Thoratic pain
» Tight anterior


A painful shoulder is often correlated with decreased mobility. Using a strap held
in both hands, rotate the shoulders from front to back. If the elbows bend or break
you’ve gone too far. Back up and stay on the sweet side of the stretch. The shoulder
is a dynamic joint with lots of movement options. Explore the side body and other positions.



Self Massage /Assisted Stretching
Self massage can be a great way to relieve sore and aching muscles



Use the hands around your cervicle vertebrea (1) to massage neck. Support the elbow with opposite hand to mas-
sage traps (2). Gentle traction helps stretch the neck (3). A tennis ball can be a great tool for upper trap tension.

Tip: Careful not to “punish pain”. It may feel good to mash and grind on areas that hurt, but consider a
more loving approach. Those areas are painful because they may need something, What is it?


Wall Stretch
Use the wall to open the chest and shoulder

The wall stretch (1) can be done anywhere. Put the hand on the wall and turn away opening up the chest and shoulder.


Rotator Cuff
Half Moon and foam roll to open the rotator

Traction the opposite arm for Half Moon pose (2).


Use the foam roller to get in an around the shouklder blade and rotator cuff (3)