The Bodywork Adventure : Light with knowledge ~Training with the Master on Kahuna Road February 2016

I’m freshly back from a 6 day training on Kahuna Road in Kaua’i and feel positively light with knowledge. When I’ve gone backpacking I always feel heavy with opportunity. The weight of the pack and the knowledge like a turtle that I’ve got everything I right here with me.

The feeling after class is different. It’s light, it’s freeing. I feel full of opportunity, I can’t wait to try out some new things and an understanding of my work but there is nothing heavy about it.

February 2016 Workshop. Kahuna Road, Kaua'i

February 2016 Workshop. Kahuna Road, Kaua’i

I’ve spent more time teaching in the classroom than taking classes in the last three years since my Advanced training at the Guild For Structural Integration. I forgot how nice it is to be a student; I’m not in charge here and I get to try new things.

Emmett Hutchins is 81 now and vibrant and fun. He is photoed here in the middle with a blue Hawaiian shirt on. Emmett is simply one of the best Rolfers on the planet right now. He has been teaching longer than I have been alive and seems to be perpetually just getting started.

I believe in putting myself in front of the best people on the planet to learn my craft. There is wisdom AND knowledge there. The way forward this work starts with the self and ends with the world. Lecture and technique are certainly part of the work, but it’s also a spiritual and mental refresher.

I had an ablution in the ocean, and a union under a rainbow (I got married under a rainbow while I was there but that is a whole different blog). I was blessed by rain and kissed by sun. Kaua’i is generous island and full of gifts. I left with so much more than I went with and I feel gratitude and thanks to the island and it’s people for that.

Not only is Emmet a great teacher our assistant Jason was wonderful and my fellow classmates were all my instructors. Adam my partner from Poland interesting and bright and we got pickup up hitchhiking together. Masa from Osaka, Japan was a star football player and coach turned Rolfer. Daniel was a local Hawaiian and all heart. Our small group had students from Alaska, Canada and Australia.

In truth, Hawaii is not easy to get to from here. It’s lovely, but it’s a long travel day and can be more expensive than other places. However, the light I’m looking for is shining from a tiny little pagoda in a jungle on an island in the south Pacific so that’s where I go.