Anne Erickson, LMT - Staff Therapist

Anne Erickson, LMT

Working in a fast-paced high-stressed career brought Anne into the world of massage therapy and its power to reduce stress, relieve tension, quiet the mind and bring the body back into balance. Anne’s goal is to create a safe, nurturing environment to give everyone she works with the time and space they need to let... Read more »
Andrew Alvarado, BCSI, LMT - Structural Integration

Andrew Alvarado, BCSI, LMT

Andrew began his professional career as a Mechanical Engineer with the United States Navy onboard a submarine stationed in Pearl Harbor. During his last few years on active duty Andrew developed a daily yoga practice and in his search to find easier movement in his own body he was led to the world of bodywork.... Read more »
Seth Schwartzbach, LMT - Deep Tissue Massage

Seth Schwartzbach, LMT

Seth was naturally led to a career in Massage Therapy after studying Reiki and Sound Healing. By applying these methodologies, he saw how the body can relax and release stress in a natural way. Tension in the human body often occurs as the result of the body's effort to defend itself from mental, emotional or... Read more »