Makala Gatta, LMT

Makala Gatta, LMT - Staff Therapist

Makala Gatta, LMT

Staff Therapist

Year Licensed: 2012

Specialty: Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

Location: Niskayuna

Makala Gatta, LMT graduated from the Center for Natural Wellness in 2012. Since becoming licensed, she has geared her specialty toward deep tissue and sports massage therapy. As an athlete herself, she knows the normal aches and pains that come with staying active. She strives to help her clients stay injury free, speed up muscle recovery, thereby allowing them to continue doing what they love.

Makala brings a thoughtful, focused approach to her work.  Assisting clients with their maintenance sports massage therapy sessions, Makala notes “the work is focused to loosen tight muscles, release trigger points, prevent injury, and increase range of motion.” Her work can be deep and precise with a unique sensitivity. 

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