Anne Erickson, LMT

Anne Erickson, LMT - Staff Therapist

Anne Erickson, LMT

Staff Therapist

Year Licensed: 2017

Specialty: Swedish & Deep Tissue

Location: Latham

Working in a fast-paced high-stressed career brought Anne into the world of
massage therapy and its power to reduce stress, relieve tension, quiet the
mind and bring the body back into balance. Anne’s goal is to create a safe,
nurturing environment to give everyone she works with the time and space
they need to let go of their tension, breathe a little deeper and come back to
center. Whether through deep relaxation or deep tissue work, Anne tailors her
sessions to her client’s needs with a special focus on the neck and shoulders
where we all carry so much of our tension. “I believe in the power of bodywork
to help relieve, renew, refresh, release – quite simply I believe in the power of
massage therapy.

Licensed Massage Therapist