Amy Alcaide (Adams), LMT


Amy Alcaide (Adams), LMT

Senior Staff Therapist

Year Licensed: 2012

Specialty: Thai Yoga Massage

Location: Niskayuna

As a yoga instructor and dancer/dance teacher, she has a strong sense and appreciation for movement and the body as a functional, creative, mobile, intelligent system. She is fascinated with human connection and the immense power of human touch. She enjoys working with bodies of all ages, types, and walks of life.

Amy’s massage work stems from a grounded base and is developed in close coordination with her client’s needs. She focuses her attention on pertinent body tensions and ailments as well as overall relaxation and balance. She seeks to help restore and rejuvenate harmony by listening to, responding to, and creating space within the body.

“As a massage practitioner and movement instructor, I believe in the importance of listening to the body, trusting intuition, and harboring safe, peaceful, and quiet grounds from which to heal and grow. I create an environment, tone and pace that is accessible, soothing, nurturing, respectful, and sacred. My clients/students will be provided with a safe haven, in which my presence and my work will help them find the relief needed for them at that particular place and time. The “opening” that occurs during a massage session or class will not only be felt by the individual, but also echo out to all those they come into contact with. My personal rewards lie in the simple joy of relief, alignment, discovery, and healing in the bodies I work with. Massage, harmony, yoga, human connection, dance, balance, and peace.”

Amy Adams, LMT has a professional dance background in New York City. She currently holds the title of  “Hardest Working Girl in the Healing Arts” as she is a full time yoga instructor, dance instructor, and popular massage therapist. She is a great gift giver and creative dresser. Amy is full of beauty and joy.

Amy Alcaide (Adams), Licensed Massage Therapist
Amy Alcaide (Adams), Licensed Massage Therapist - Senior Staff at Bodywork ProfessionalsAmy Alcaide (Adams), LMT is a Registered Yoga Instructor (RYT), NYS Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Contemporary Dancer/Instructor, Choreographer, Pilates Mat certified teacher, and a life enthusiast.