Saratoga springs Office has moved

I am continuing our experiment with the Saratoga springs office. We found that more people were interested in getting a session together as a couple in Saratoga than in Latham. I’ve learned to keep nimble so we have moved our location to 79 Washington street. we are sharing space with my acupuncturist Danielle Divivo. She had helped my tremendously with some tendonitis in my elbow and I had admired her treatment space. We are very independent businesses, sharing the same location. I’m sorry if this has caused any confusion, and I’ll miss our old space but I feel that this is the right thing to do.

We will have a more limited schedule in Saratoga that we do in Latham. Our focus will be on the weekends as that is where we saw the most need.

I (Nick) will be shifting my Saturdays exclusively to Saratoga. Evan Van Dyk will also be working in Saratoga on Saturdays.

Michelle is in Saratoga on Monday and Wednesday mornings. I will share our full schedule as soon as we have it totally nailed down.