Corona Mandala


10″x10″ Corona Mandala prints  letterpress made on Mohawk Strathmore 222# paper.


Staying at home over the last few weeks has given me a chance to work on some projects that I’d never have found the time to do otherwise. One dream project is to digitize and letterpress some mandalas from my friend Allison. Mandalas are an ancient art form both spiritual and mathematical in nature. They are usually circular creating or coloring them is know to be relaxing, even meditative.

Letterpressing these mandalas has been a dream project for years, but at this moment I found myself looking at them through the glasses of a pandemic. I see the similarities with the virus that seems to be in charge of our world and the shape and crown points of these mandalas. A Corona Mandala.

The process of making and coloring these held more meaning with the Corona Mandala. It became a way of taking control back, facing a fear of this virus and how it looked and making something beautiful from it. With young kinds at home and plenty of time to color, I’d forgotten how relaxing and absorbing it can be to do, and I’m happy to share it with you.
I have some exquisite Mohawk Strathmore paper left over from printing our gift certificates this year. I’ve letterpress printed some of these mandalas on that you too can color. In 20 years it might be fun to look back on the art you made at this unique moment in history.

I realize many of you like me have no income at the moment, or just want something to do with kids.

None of this would be possible without the work and vision of Allison Petroski. Allison is a brilliant artist and coach. Her work can be found in every treatment room in both Bodywork Professionals studios. You’ll find her work in these mandalas organic, living and filled with interesting little secrets as you color them. Please check out her website to learn more about her work.

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#2 SheildingBloom

#2 SheildingBloom

#3 HeartOfIt

#3 HeartOfIt

#4 CometRemedy

#4 CometRemedy

Corona Mandala 1 "RoyalAlly"

Corona Mandala 1 “RoyalAlly”

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Corona Mandala 1, Corona Mandala 2, Corona Mandala 3, Corona Mandala 4, All 4 Mandalas (Includes a set of Coasters)