3 Pack Travel Size CO-VoID Premium Panic Juice


  • Ideal for a pocket or purse.
  • Beautiful containers
  • Super fine atomizing mist
  • Sold in packs of 3

Around the beginning of march we made Co-Void Premium Panic Juice it was because we didn’t have enough sanitizes for the office. As a lark I made a label and announced it, and apparently many of you were out of hand sanitizer too because we sold out immediately. I’ve made some more, and I’m happy to share it.

I use Panic Juice every day I go out. I found the 4oz bottle a little big so I found a travel size. This new size has a special atomizing micro sprayers for a really even covering.

*From my research 70% alcohol will kill viruses and bacteria. The Panic Juice is 74.5% alcohol and about .5% essential oil of Tea Tree, Lemon and Sage are also known disinfectants. I have not done clinical test with any other virus to prove it’s effectiveness.

Even though they are small, shipping is crazy because of it’s contents. Pick up for free in either Latham, Niskayuna, or Saratoga Springs.

4 in stock (can be backordered)