Nicks Adventure Education Sabbatical

As some of you know, I’m taking two months off to take a human dissection workshop in San Francisco followed by a 6 week Advanced Rolfing training in Kauai. My last day or working is April 18th. I’ll be keeping a full client load until then but things are already filling up fast. If you dont get in now I will be back in late June with all kind of new ideas to work with.This Advanced training represents the fulfilling of a 10 life mission and dream. Taking this time of time off requires planning and confidence in the business as well as my staff. I have an amazing team at Bodyworks and know I’m leaving the business in good hands. Some good news from my end, I was recently honored as a “40 under 40“, one of the top business people under 40 in our region. I’m feeling confident that now is the time to embark on this unique opportunity.I’ll be training with Gil Headley and Emmett Hutchens. Both are the best in the world at their crafts. Emmett was hand selected by Ida Rolf 50 years ago to teach this work and he is still going strong. Emmet is kind of like Yoda out there in the rainforest. The facility the classes are held is a octagon of all wood. It sits at the foot of one of the wettest places on earth on Kahuna Rd. Some teachers are not easy to get to. Emmets wisdom is worth crossing sea and continent for.
Last years dissection workshop was a profound learning experience. Gil is a philosopher and fellow Rolfer. The experience of exploring inner-space is one of self realization as well as learning anatomical reality. Our bodies are the house we truly live in and no book or video can ever replace this kind of hands on experience. I look forward to diving even deeper into the mysteries of the human body.
The two classes dovetailed in time and topic and I couldn’t resist doing them together. I plan to share some thoughts, experiences and photos along the way so check back here or like us on Facebook to see more.One of the things that sets Bodywork Professionals apart is our commitment to continuing education and development. Evan VanDyk is in the midst of a 3 year training in the Feldenkrais method. Frankie and Kathleen are taking a lymphatic drainage next month. Diane is taking a multi-year Internal Family Systems training.