Newsletter May 7th 2013

Bodywork Professionals


Nicks Sabbatical Update
I’m now done with my fourth of six weeks of my advanced Rolfing training. I’m cherishing
this time of learning and being around master teachers. I’m feeling free and alive
and very much like a sponge. I’ve given myself full permission to approach this
with eyes, hands and heart open. With experience comes patterns and I’m approaching
this as a whole new endeavor, leaving behind what I’ve done before. Of course all
these new ideas come with a complete collapse of my confidence as I THOUGHT I knew
what I was doing. Like any good class my world is being rocked and I’m just going
to enjoy it for now.
The photo to the right is of Emmet working on our class model. Emmett has touched
many lives in his long career. He’s one of the very few masters teachers living
who studied directly with Ida Rolf. He was chosen by her to teach the work and has
quietly done so for nearly half a century. At almost 80 he is nimble, bright, quick
to joke and still learning about this work with us. I can’t express how lucky I
feel to spend six weeks learning under him.
I’m keeping busy outside of school too. I’ve started an internship at a vegan bakery
called the Hippie Cafe, I’m taking voice lessons, playing shruti box, drinking TONS
of coffee since I’m still on New York time waking at the crack of dawn to write
in the
This is a long time to be away and I’m starting to miss home and looking forward
to being back. It seems I’ve got more capacity than ever and my batteries are still
charging.  I’m looking forward to bringing some Aloha energy back to upstate.

Welcome Home, Equinox Gong Bath
On June 21st at 7pm there will be a gong bath at the Pilates Principle. This should
be a special evening as it will be my first day home and will be seeing everybody
after a two month soul sabbatical AND it’s the spring Equinox. Please join us! I’ll
be vibing out and would love to see you. <a href=”″
track=”on” >Sign up here</a>


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