Newsletter May 8th, 2013


Bodywork Professionals

Aloha from Hawaii!

Nicks Sabbatical<a href=”” track=”on” >Nick at Kalalau</a>
I’m just back from 5 Days in the jungle wilderness of Kalalau in the Hawaiian island
of Kauai. The picture to the left was one of the sunny days but not every day was.
Some days were especially not sunny and we took shelter in a cave. The notion of
a sabbatical is to rest, break and rejuvenate. I realized even on my rest I was
plowing through life, eager for the next activity, next adventure and not ready
to rest. That is until mother nature drops inches of rain on your camp site and
there is nothing to do but plug into a cave and wait it out. The cave was huge
I’ve met tons of great travelers and some fascinating native Kalalauinas, a story
I’ll share with you in more depth at the <a href=”″
track=”on” >blog</a>.  I found time to rest and charge my batteries. I did some
yoga to the sounds of the ocean to remind my body to be fluid, something it did
not feel after nearly 12 miles of grueling
trail. I allowed the spirit of the rain to wash away my pain. I drank deep from
the waterfalls to get hydrated from the source. Overall the rain was a great thing
and before I knew it it was over and the sun came back out. I felt charged and ran
around barefoot in jungle for the next two days like a wildman.

Day one of my advanced training was yesterday. It feels like home to be with my
teacher and wonderful family of students. In an interesting turn of events, I am
the senior student. At 35, I’ve been at this longer than than everybody in the
class including 2 of the three instructors. Emmett, the primary teacher has 41 years
of teaching experience and I wont catch up with him anytime soon. Life moves quickly
doesn’t it 🙂


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