Newsletter June 30th, 2013

Hey there Nick!
3 for $200 Summertime Deal
Our very popular summertime 3 series is back! This is 3 1-hour massage or bodywork
sessions for summertime use sold at a low $200. In all truth the summer in Latham
is a bit of a slower time as lots of folks are away or on vacation. So if you are
sticking around or picking up new activities in the nice weather we would like to
give you some incentive to take care of your bodies during these summer months. 
 The 3 Series will be sold July 1 through August 31 and will have an expiration 
date exactly 3 months from the date of purchase.  As with all our sales your unused
credit is good forever, but the discount will expire. We are running this for a 
few weeks only, so be sure to secure your 3 mini vacations now!

The Advanced Rolfing 5 Series
I realize that with all I've shared with you about my travels, I did not talk much
about the Advanced Rolfing Series that I studied while in Hawaii. This is in part
because I did not want to share something that I felt I did not completely understand
at the time. Back on home turf, however I believe I have been able to put my new
 learning into context and come up with a good idea of how to relate it.
The Advanced Rolfing 5 series is meant for folks who have been through the Basic
 10 several times. This series is meant to shake things up and bring about new organization
in the body. The sessions are very different from anything I have ever seen before
(there are very few Advanced Rolfers in New York), and they won't be for everyone.
But if you are interested...
Needed: 5 Guinea Pigs to Try the Advanced 5 Series
As I wrap my head around this new work, I need some adventurous folks to practice
on. I plan to deliver the 5 series to 5 people at $50 for each session. These are
folks willing to try out very new work and give me feedback on what it's like. I
 find the work remarkable and for the right people, I believe this series will be
amazing but again, the advanced sessions are not for everyone.  They are very different
from the basic 10, and nothing at all like a massage. Two of the spots have already
been tentatively filled.  If you are interested, please blast me an email.
You will see much more from me in the coming weeks and months about this at the 
Bodywork Adventure Blog [].

Nick's Rate Change
I have had just one rate change for the 13 years I've been doing this work, but 
as of July 31st 2013 (my birthday) my rates will increase for a second time to $125
per Rolfing session. I have been able to keep my rates stable by supplementing my
income with the business. For anyone currently in a series the rate will remain 
at $100 until the series is completed. I will also continue to offer some session
gratis for those who simply cannot afford it.
Nobody likes rate hikes, and this is not an easy thing for me to do but as this 
is hard work, and I have now completed an advanced training in my studies, I feel
that the sessions are worth $125. I do not accept tips as I believe that I ask for
what the sessions cost and the equation is complete. Thank you for understanding
 and supporting me all these years.


Next Gong Bath & Special Singing Bowl Event []
Friday, July 20th 7pm at the Pilates Principle
We'd love to have you with us for our next Gong Lab! As always it's the 3rd Friday
of each month in Latham. We are currently working on a Saratoga Springs monthly 
event as well!
Also in the works is a very special event with a singing bowl master from India 
who is doing a workshop in NYC and may come to Albany for a special 3 hour bowl 
session. It will only be $30 and will be a great opportunity for anyone interested
in sound healing and learning from a master. As plans materialize further, I will
keep you informed.