Mothers Day 2018

2018 Handset Letterpress Mother’s Day Gift Certificate


Each year I print our Mother’s Day gift certificates. This year I did it a little different my hand setting the type. I typically design the plate on a computer and have it made. There is a lot of flexibility there but it was getting to easy.

I like to do these by hand because raising children also needs to be done by hand. There are no short cuts, and while there is a lot of joy, something aren’t easy. just as soon as things get easy it all changes.

I realize the role of mom can be a lot of different things. We’ve been exploring the role of what it means to play the role of mom in someones life. I’ll alwyas consider my friends mom Shelly Maura a second mother to me. She yelled at us and loved us just like her own kids. My beloved friend Maria Paonessa is another second mother. Always there for me, always feeding me, always by my side and an ear to listen as well as someone who has kept my office clean for over a decade.

My grandmother played the role of mother to countless people over the years as a visiting nurse. Deeply rooted in the Christian faith my grandmother lived a Christian example by caring for people in all walks and stages of life. Sometimes the least of us in difficult situations and conditions in inner Schenectady.

There are those that adopt and care for animals, at first selflessly but inevitably they are endeared to the animals that they care for and love and give so much love back.

For those and countless other shades of being a mother, we thank you.

A massage is a wonderful way to show your mother how much you care, and that they deserve to take care of themselves. They will love it I promise.