I ♥ Mom Mothers Day Massage Gift Certificate Special

Mothers Day 2019

My wife and I welcomed our second daughter Rafaella on August 18, 2018. My wife birthed her at home in what would become the kids playroom. It was totally bad ass. Having home care instead of hospital care was a little controversial with our families when we first decided to do it but it would become a moment of change and empowerment for my wife. This her third delivery she felt that she was in charge, it was her process and giving birth wasn’t a problem. It was a privilege, a joy, a difficult and painful experience, but natural and normal process.

The result was a woman, a mother who felt that she could do anything. She got a lightning bolt of mom power handed down for thousands of generations moms.

Being a mom is awesome and loving and full of cuddles and cuteness, but that’s not why you buy mom a massage. You celebrate mom because it’s a grind and exhausting with the minivan and the groceries and constant cleaning and body fluids. So many body fluids…..

Mom needs a massage because she that role is special.


Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers Day 2018

This year we are celebrating the role of mother in our lives in a larger sense. As a relatively new parent it’s sometimes easy to think we are the first to go through all this, but we are just part this much longer story. This photo was taken on my Grandmothers 90th birthday a little while back. She is one of the finest women I know and my daughter shares her name. Grandma went through a whole heck of a lot to raise my uncle and my mother alone in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It certainly wasn’t her plan but she did it with grace all while caring for her mother whom had fallen ill.  She was a mother, daughter mother, aunt mother and has played a motherly role to countless of children teaching Bible study for decades, and a nurse mom caring for thousands of people in their homes as a visiting nurse. It got us thinking about all the different kinds of moms out there. I am a man blessed to have her love in me life. Over the next couple weeks I’ve asked my staff to share non-maternial mother stories to share with you. If you have some please share them with us as well! info@bodyworkprofessionals.com.


Grandma Gwen with Ophelia Gwen

2018 Handset Letterpress Mother’s Day Gift Certificate












The role of “Mom” is synonymous with giving, and putting others’ needs above her own needs. While this is a noble and often, fulfilling responsibility, it can be exhausting. When Moms give and give, their own “internal well” can run dry. In order to best serve others, we suggest self care. Replenishing your internal energy by receiving care (as opposed to always giving care) is highly rewarding, and we would argue – necessary! Self care is NOT selfish. Massage therapy allows busy moms to take a beautiful, quiet hour all to themselves – imagine that? Massage therapy helps moms to feel and function better by reducing the aches and pains of carrying children, always rushing, and usually not getting enough sleep. Take the time for you, Mom!






Mothers Day 2017
This is a special mother’s day for me. My wife and I had a baby at the beginning of the year and I’m getting a whole new perspective on what being a mom is all about.

Awesome mom Chanel P

I’ve seen my wife mega pregnant, labor and give birth.
I’ve seen her get up at all hours caring for a crying baby.
I’ve seen her completely in love with a little being who is looking at her like her is nobody else in the world as important (there isn’t).
I’ve seen her frustrated beyond reason that the vacuum is broken.
I’ve seen her belly laugh because the baby smiled
I’ve seen her sing like nobody is watching
I’ve seen her clean with a baby strapped to her
I’ve seen her comfort one child while comforting another child
I’ve seen her look at me like I’m a child
I’ve seen her think she looks terrible and I think she is the most beautiful woman on the planet
I’ve seen her nest
I’ve seen her take charge
I’ve seen her sore and tired

Being a mom is a mosaic of a million different talents and abilities. It’s full of highs and lows and it’s the most important job on earth.

We offer our gift certificates for a massage to honor that in mom, and give her a little back. We hand make our certificates on exquisite Mohawk Strathmore paper with my Golding #7 antique letterpress. They are distinctive and the best single value of the year.

Mohawk uses sustainable practices and renewable resources  to bring the finest paper on the planet.

Our Famous I ♥ Mom Gift certificate is handmde with an antique letterpress on exquisite Mohawk paper

Our Famous I ♥ Mom Gift certificate is handmde with an antique letterpress on exquisite Mohawk paper