Gift Certificates are a prefect gift~Top 5 for 2015

After 10 years of running a massage and bodywork business, I can promise you a massage or bodywork session make a prefect gift. Here are the top ten reasons for 2015:

5: Easy to store: This is not a ugly sweater that you feel obliged to store under the bed all year. It stores neatly in the glove-box or desk, ready for us anytime.

4. Handsome, letterpress made: Nick makes each and everyone on a letterpress from the 1870’s. Nick is a geek  and loves to print and nice paper. The result is a handsome, thick paper and resolute imprint. They feel valuable and important.

3. They will like it more than they think : Everybody is over impressed with the work we do. Folks leave freeling great. Remember, you’re not just giving them a massage, you are giving them the feeling that there are some good things in the world and a body is not just for pain.

2. Just like fruitcake they never expire.

1. They’ll love you for it.