From Nick – September Update and New Staff

I’m feeling very fortunate that we’ve gotten 2 full months under our belts. After 1,500 sessions conducted and all staff test have been negative, I’m happy to report that our operations have been safe to date.

I wish I could give you concrete data on the safety of personal health care services like massage, bodywork but I’m finding that data hard to find. My Google searches have found little evidence of outbreaks or clusters statewide or nationally within thNick Pavoldiis industry and it appears the measures we are taking work.

The planned uncertainty on the next few months will surely keep us on our toes. The biggest problem we currently face is meeting demand and staffing availability. I’m pleased to announce a compliment of new therapists.

With Makala returning from maternity leave, the addition of Leslee, John and Rebecca W. as new staff members and Emily and Paula as apprentice therapists, there will be a lot more availability this fall at all our locations in the months to come. See below for a brief description of our new staff.

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Rebecca Whitehead, LMT

John Olander, LMT

Leslee Browning

Emily Denton

Paula Skelly