First father’s day ~ My new role as a step dad and thinking about the future

This father’s day I find myself for the first time being in the role of a father. When I got married in February, I not only gained a lovely wife but a step son, 7 year old Reily. We did not live together before our marriage and as a result there have been  a lot changes during these first few months.

It’s funny, but right now I’m left with a similar role as I play with my dog. We pretty much have fun and I try to give him as much exercise as possible as both children and dogs are really happy when they are busy and tired and then we eat.

The world really has become a much more interesting place as I seeing things like a 7 year old again. Everything has more texture and detail somehow. I’m finding I’m in less of  a rush because I sort of have to be and so I’m exploring things that are right in front of me. Even small things are adventures and I love that. I’m learning I’m not as cool as I thought, and that at the end of the day everybody gets cranky when it’s time for bed.

With my wife pregnant, all I can think about is what is to come. I’m both excited and feel like I need to prepare absolutely everything. I have a sense of uncertainty and unknowing that is motivating me to think about not just my life but what my life will leave behind. It’s some heavy fuel and it’s a wonderful thing and I feel fortunate to have a work family like I’ve got a Bodyworks.

So, my first Father’s day has revealed to me that a fathers carries a lot on his shoulders. Shooting the arrow to a bulls-eye unknown, and prepping the fields for a crop we may never see.