Fathers Day Thoughts

Being a dad has been a constantly changing experience. Many parts of life have been completely redefined and reoriented towards a new kind of happiness. A happiness that in a lot of ways isnt personally happy at all. There is the cleaning, cleaning of household, poop, germs that is constant and crushing even when I’m not the one doing it. The running around, the errands on nice days, the difficulty of doing even the simplest of tasks. The thinking about the future with a crushing weight on the present. Avoiding everything that can go wrong, trying not to worry too much about it.  It seems every other step is on a rake with a smack in the nose.

But then there is the other kind of joy hearing your step son and daughter play in the living room and squeal with delight. It’s seeing kids grow incredibly fast and be reasonably healthy. It’s round cheeks and round butts on the bath tub. It’s seeing your daughter learn language and realize she knows a lot more than you think or she is letting on. It’s those little sounds when she is munching on an apple or cracker that is so adorable you dont know if you can handle it.

Mother’s definitely have it hard. I would argue that dads dont get much credit. Our Dad Deserves It theme is a little play on that. There is a little less glory in being a dad it seems to me. But dads know we are not in it for the glory.

This year I’ll be at the Gas Up with my dad in Gallupville NY.  We go every year and look at antique engines and usually buy a hat. It’s the same stuff every time and I like it better every year. Happy Father’s Day everybody!