Father’s Day 2019

Being a dad is sometimes defined by being crushed by love and need. When I first saw this sculpture above a part of me identified with it. The struggle and chaos not just of children but other parenting and adult responsibilities raining from the heavens while trying to catch one responsibility with your toe before it falls.

Being a dad is so much fun, but there are many factors to contribute to life stresses.  There is a constant threat of missing something important while at the same time wanting the kids to go to bed so you can breathe for a moment.

I read this sculpture by Vigland called “Man attacked by babies” in Norway as not the babies attacking the man but the things that come with babies. The man struggles to maintain his identity and balance with being deluged by beings that all require all your limbs to care for,  but they need you all at once. One is attacked by need, by want, by requirement. “Man attacked by requirement” would work for me too.

My second daughter Rafaella was born last August, and we are a family of 5 now. I love it more than anything, AND I see why there is a mother’s and father’s day. It’s not a day to celebrate your parents, it’s a day to leave them alone for a bit. Let them not worry about you.

This father’s day, let your dad know that “you got this”, whatever it is. Give him the gift of not worrying about you for a day, and take care of him.

I can tell your that Dad wants a massage. He needs it, he has earned it and he will love it.

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