Dad Deserves It 2018

 This is a very special fathers day for me. In addition to being a dad of the beautiful Ophelia, and Step Dad to the awesome Reily, the big news is my wife Chanel and I are expecting a new baby in August!

Investing Miracles

The simple truth that’s worth a fortune!

Additionally, my dad published his new book “Investing Kindergarten: The Simple Truth That’s Worth a Fortune”. It’s a non-fiction work dedicated to making investing and the stock market more understandable to the general population. I read the rough drafts over the last couple years and my investment have done wonderfully.

As an honor to my father and a gift to my clients, absolutely everybody that buys a gift certificate gets a free hard copy of my dads book. I’ll mail it to you, I’ll give it to you in the office and send someone an ebook if I need to. This should be mandatory reading for everybody who has money invested in the market.

Click the image of the book for a link directly to his website,

Each year we craft a special father’s day gift certificate. This year I’m really pleased with the design and we are printing on Mohawk Strathmore paper. Dad will know and love the fact that you are taking care of him in this way. I promise he needs it and will love it.

Click the “Printed and Shipped Gift Certificate” to be taken to PayPal online checkout. We’ll rush you out a book and Dad Deserves it Gift Certificate to your door.v

Click the. “Digital Gift Certificate” to have an electronic gift certificate you’ll be able to print or email immediately.

Bodywork Professionals 2018 Father’s Day Gift Certificate