Covid Cleaning Protocol (Updated June 2020) Complete

Cleaning post covid Bodywork Professionals



  • Sanitize all counter spaces with disinfectant
  • Dust/Sanitize all retail shelves with disinfectant
  • Wash Floors using disinfecting cleaner


Treatment Rooms

  • Remove and Wash all bedding on tables
  • Sanitize all counter space/wall hangings doors/chairs/doorknobs with disinfectant
  • Sanitize Tables with disinfectant
  • Sanitize Chairs with disinfectant
  • Sanitize Towel Holders with disinfectant
  • Air Purifiers in all rooms



  • Sanitize all counter space, microwaves, Refrigerators with disinfectant
  • Remove all silverware/dishes/bowls and cups
  • Sanitize keyboards and computers with disinfectant
  • Sanitize door with disinfectant



  • Sanitize all surfaces with disinfectant



  • No more than two employees at front counter spaced 6 feet apart
  • No more than 1 receptionist
  • Remove all Lobby Chairs
  • CBD kept in cabinet
  • Remove brochures and clinic business cards
  • Remove ginger chew bowls
  • Hand sanitizer at the counter



  • Mark 6 feet from the sinks so social distancing is observed when waiting to wash hands
  • Remove seating from breakrooms. When not in service, service providers to remain in treatment rooms until next appointment.  Breakroom only for eating lunch as long as 6 feet social distancing is observed.  Lunch breaks will be coordinated so no more than 2 employees are not in break room at same time.



  • Added signage to encourage proper hand washing
  • Have hand sanitizer on sink


Employee Changes


  • Temperature checks: We ask that you take temperature before each shift.
  • Manager to ask health screening questions upon employee entering the building
      • Have you had a cough?
      • Have you had a fever?
      • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?
      • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?
  • Mask will be provided for or each employee to use at work
  • To comply with social distancing guidelines, employees cannot congregate in the breakroom.
  • Staff must be tested every 14 days during phase 3
  • Each shift must have a safety monitor who ensures compliance


Service Provider Changes

  • Facemasks and face shields/ goggles are to be worn during sessions
  • Appointments will be scheduled with 30 minute gaps between sessions so rooms can be sanitized prior to next appointment.
  • Shortened shifts for employees when first re-opening


Scheduling Appointments

  • On-line booking encouraged
  • When scheduling appointments reception will inform clients to wear a mask and at this time mask has to be worn during session.
  •  We will send clients new procedures in confirmation text/ email
  • The following must be asked prior to session:
    • Employee will then ask the following health screening questions:
      • Have you had a cough?
      • Have you had a fever?
      • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?
      • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?


Client Procedural Modifications

  • Please always wear a mask while in the clinic and during the session
  • Please bring a water bottle for water after your session; we will not be providing water cups
  • A member of our staff will ask your temperature and health screening questions prior to entering clinic
  • Please limit personal items in the treatment room


Session Modifications

  • Start with hand sanitizer on clients hands
  • Face and scalp massages will not be performed at this time
  • At the conclusion of the hands-on time, ask the client to redress and then exit the room. Advise the client that they can stop by the front desk if they did not authorize check-out during the booking of the appointment.
  • Use hand sanitizer before opening the door to exit the room


Between Session Protocol (Precise Order)

  • Remove blanket, sheets, face cradle cover, and place on floor.  Take Sheets & face cradle cover to laundry bags for for washing.
  • Use Hand sanitizer
  • Use disinfecting wipe clean inside and outside door handle, light switch, music switch, stool, towel warmer handle, chair arms, chair seat, table warmer control, pen in tip holder
  • When Dressing table
    • Put new clean sheet on table
    • Put new clean face cradle cover on
    • Put clean blanket on
    • Put new clean extra sheet over the blanket (to minimize contamination)
  • Put 1 tip envelope in room (optional)

Front Desk Associated Procedural Modifications

  • Reception is assigned one workstation (phone/PC) for the shift and shall not use any other workstation
  • After clients are taken into session wait until 15minutes past the hour to do a walk thorough and disinfectant wipe:
    • Clean bathrooms – wipe door handles, faucet handles, toilet handle, cabinet handles, handicap poles,
    • Wipe front door handles inside and out
    • Wipe down entire lobby


End of Day 

  • Ensure that all surfaces were sanitized after all customers & employees have exited the building.
  • Ensure all rooms have been sanitized and also all soiled sheets have been removed and put in laundry room for linen service pickup.
  • Ensure all restrooms & breakroom have been sanitized
  • Spray entire location with Aerosol disinfectant so it can kill any airborne germs.



  • Staff must get tested for Covid-19 every 14 days during phase 3