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The Bodywork Adventure~Day 5

The food is really amazing here in San Francisco. I’ve found myself in several French cafes in town and they all serve mayonnaise with the potato chips and whoever invented the potato chip should have served it with mayonnaise. (note to reader, the potato chip was invented in Saratoga Springs) I remember seeing a tv… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure~Inside out

We are tightly packed, dense, filled, stuffed packages. The package moves and flows really, tissue pours from one place . into an empty space made by the moving of other tissue. Maybe 60% of the muscle body is muscle, the rest is other stuff. Go under that and and we encounter the viscera. I’ve been… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure~The Muscle Body

After 2 full days of pulling layers back we finally get to the muscle body. This is the stuff I think I work on all the time right? I talk about muscle like I know what I’m doing but when I see them there is a world, a entire universe there that is foreign to… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure: Moving Deeper 2

I’ll admit that yesterday I approached this endeavor with a notion of “I’m about to climb a huge mountain and I’ve got a lot in front of me” type of attitude. Today is something different. In me is bubbling up the excitement that brought me back here from last year. Not only is a challenging… Read more »

The first layer

I got to name Art today. I’d say its something of an honor. There are four forms to choose from and since I had a female called Mable last time I choose Art. A 98 year old gentleman of significant stature. I felt that I could admire him however he was, I’m sure he had… Read more »

The adventure begins….

I’m thrilled to be able to do this unique training, but there is a part of my that is also felling some trepidation. For one thing the lead up to taking 2 months off for by business nearly broke me, and this workshop is NOT a vacation. A human dissection is a heavy experience and… Read more »

Nicks Adventure Education Sabbatical

As some of you know, I’m taking two months off to take a human dissection workshop in San Francisco followed by a 6 week Advanced Rolfing training in Kauai. My last day or working is April 18th. I’ll be keeping a full client load until then but things are already filling up fast. If you… Read more »

10 Massage Tips for Lovebirds

Giving a massage to someone you love is a great way to show that you care, and they will TOTALLY love you for it. It’s not easy and i can’t explain step by step what to do. you have to let your instincts guide you there. But, here are some tips that will make you… Read more »

Letterpress gift Certificates & Golden Tickets are Here!

As some of you may know I’m a bit of a paper geek. I love the feel and texture of fine paper. As a massage therapist much of my life is defined by what I can touch and quality paper and printing just makes me happy. This year, I’ve made our gift certificates on incredible… Read more »