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“It Is Where It Ain’t” Pt. 1 – The Superficial Layer

When someone comes to visit me for a session at my office, I like to watch them stand as the communicate with me the reason for their visit. I’m looking for how they entered the room, or got up from the chair. I’m looking at the way their body settles into gravity and most importantly,… Read more »

2017 Golden Ticket: Classic and Pocket Version

Our famous 2017 Golden Ticket is back!  This year we are offering two types of Golden Tickets. They are both worth ten full hours of massage, the only difference is how they are going to be used. If you plan to buy and use them all the Pocket is for you. If you plan to… Read more »

Letterpress/Beer/Vodka December 11th

A lot of people have asked about coming to see the press so I’ve talked to the Upstate Distilling and Artisanal Brewworks and they’ll both be offering samples and I’ll have the press rolling. The still is amazing and they brewery will have samples flowing. Kids love this kind of old school mechanical thing and… Read more »

Friends and Family Open House December 2nd

On December 2nd, we’ll be hosting an open house along with our neighbors and friends on Spring Street. Antera Home, Chick Underneath, Plum and Crimson and Redwolf will all be offering special discounts or 20-30% or more, food and beverages and some local music and art. Bodyworks will be offering beer samples from Artisanal Brewery… Read more »

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage By Francine Smith, LMT As an expectant mother you have every right to question whether what we do is safe. Your job of protecting your child overrides every other need and urge. We respect that and we know it’s one of the hardest jobs to take on. We are Mothers Let us be… Read more »