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Everest J. Pavoldi

Dad Deserves It!

Dad is often the least of these when it comes to self care. Show him you care by helping him take care of himself. As a new father myself, it sometimes can feel like all eyes are on mom and baby and the other kids. Many times it seems like  a father I’m one step… Read more »

Moving deeper

By now Mabel had taken the classic shape of an anatomy book. All the legendary muscles we know and love ? or sometimes love to hate ? were there on the table, waiting to be explored. And I, your Bodywork Adventurer, had really been waiting for this!

Camille’s Mega Awesome Bars! Our Treat to You!

Our good friend Camille has made some bars that are ideal for post workout or between meals. They are made with all organic nuts, seeds and nut butter. They are gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan. AND they taste awesome!!! Drop by for a FREE one today as our gift to our beloved… Read more »