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TJM Dysfunction Thoughts 1 ~The Big Picture Model

TMJ can be a really painful and chronic condition involving the jaw and even the whole side of your head. In this short article, we will look at potential causes and zoom out a little to look at whole body considerations. I like to create therapeutic models and then test my ideas through soft tissue… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure: Boston workshop with Neal Powers~Spring 2014

Workshops are great. They are fun and you learn something, but I’ve got to say sometimes the best part is the sense of community one feels/finds when participating. This new life form takes shape for three days we go around consuming and processing information and learning about ourselves in the process. This calss was unique… Read more »

Nicks Article in Natural Awakenings Magazine

Rolfing Structural Integration Restoring Natural Alignment to Create Fluid Movement by Nick Pavoldi Rolfing Structural Integration is a soft tissue approach to re-establishing natural alignment. Dr. Ida Rolf, the innovator of this process, held that when a body is in alignment, it works properly. Rolfing is based on the premise that the human body is… Read more »

5 Massage Tips for Love Birds

Here are some of my pro secrets about giving a good massage. These are good for Valentines or anytime. 1. Stay focused, Keep sexy time out of it (for now) Give yourself to your partner first. Commit to the session for a period of time and stay focused on your loved one. Attention is key:… Read more »

The Gong Lab: Free Gong Bath

If you have never been to as gong bath before they’re a unique sensory experience. You first hear the gongs vibing out, then you feel the vibration. My experience has been that feeling this mild vibrations in your body make it easy to put your mind in your body. I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist… Read more »

Moving deeper

By now Mabel had taken the classic shape of an anatomy book. All the legendary muscles we know and love ? or sometimes love to hate ? were there on the table, waiting to be explored. And I, your Bodywork Adventurer, had really been waiting for this!

The Bodywork Adventure – What Lies Beneath

Each evening we covered Mabel with several damp gauzes like a shroud and finally with a thick white poly sheet. It became my habit to uncover Mabel each morning. This was a whole new sensory experience, and the powerful odor of a fixed body is something I’ll never forget. By now Mabel had no skin… Read more »

Tune Up Your Body in Latham NY

Whether it’s playing sports, typing or working on the job, over time your body’s framework will start to break down. You can start rebuilding with a massage. Massage therapist Nick Pavoldi said, “Maybe you have some neck pain, but I may spend that hour at your feet trying to relieve the neck pain because we’re… Read more »

Evan’s Adventures

On Sunday February 5, I attended an all day workshop at the feldenkrais institute in