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The Bodywork Adventure~Rolfing is simple…..So is juggling

It’s funny, while Rolfing as a technique is sort of nebulous and you can do it in any way you see fit to get the job done. The principles behind it are pretty simple. 1) Gravity either tears down or reinforces a structure. 2) Your center line is the key to reinforcement and organization in… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure~A new understanding

The Advanced Rolfing series holds five sessions each labeled with a letter. Today at session four or the L session we explored right angles and hinges in the body. There will be much more of this in posts to come. But today is about my feet, surely a fascinating topic for all the beloved readers… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure~Covert Change

So it turn out Rolfing is pretty much all about being covert in giving tissue what it wants but doesn’t know and sometimes what feels like  opposite of what would help and then achieving exactly what you hoped for. Covert opposites. It doesn’t make any sense at all and all you can do is follow… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure~Planet Z

There is a fabled and obscure session in the Rolf Advanced series called Session Z. Session Z is in the seated position this one leg bent and to the front and the other best and to the back. In the picture here Emmett is approaching 80 years old and happily sits in this position. I’ve got to… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure~Week 2

  I’ve given myself the chance to ask question and fully be a student. Our class is intimate and I feel comfortable asking question and participating in a way that I’ve never done before. The consequence of allowing yourself to ask questions is a total loss of confidence. For the first time in many years… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure: Theres no place like home

As the excitement of travel and adventure wears down into routine, I’m starting to miss home in earnest. Here I am over the rainbow with sunshine, beaches and fish tacos, but none of my friends and family that make up my world. I’m half way into my sabbatical, and there is a growing part of me that… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventunture: Notes From Kahuna Road

    I’m ready for this. We’ve had a full week of the Advanced 5 series. It’s really wonderful to be back in this mode. It’s a really big deal for everybody in class and it’s been fun getting to know everybody’s story. We’ll have the next six weeks together so we are really getting… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure~Kalalau: Healer Heal Thyself

While most of these post will concern themselves with the notion of bodywork being an adventure of introspection and learning, this post will be about my adventures at a remote beach on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The first Kalalau gift showed me an edge of what was physically possible for me on that day. It was everything… Read more »

The Benefits of Mother and Infant Massage

Your health becomes even more important when you become pregnant since you are caring for your own health as well as your unborn baby’s. Important health benefits which prenatal massage give you and your baby include: The improvement of oxygen, blood and nutrient flow for both mom and baby Reduction of swelling Lessening of stress… Read more »