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The Gong Lab: Free Gong Bath

If you have never been to as gong bath before they’re a unique sensory experience. You first hear the gongs vibing out, then you feel the vibration. My experience has been that feeling this mild vibrations in your body make it easy to put your mind in your body. I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist… Read more »

Moving deeper

By now Mabel had taken the classic shape of an anatomy book. All the legendary muscles we know and love ? or sometimes love to hate ? were there on the table, waiting to be explored. And I, your Bodywork Adventurer, had really been waiting for this!

The Bodywork Adventure – What Lies Beneath

Each evening we covered Mabel with several damp gauzes like a shroud and finally with a thick white poly sheet. It became my habit to uncover Mabel each morning. This was a whole new sensory experience, and the powerful odor of a fixed body is something I’ll never forget. By now Mabel had no skin… Read more »

The Adventure Begins

Yesterday I finished a week long intensive training of human anatomy. Nothing could have prepared me for the experience. Working as closely with the human body as I do, I have a deep relationship to the living form. On day one. it is clear that what i was doing was not working on the living… Read more »

Thai-Yoga Massage for Runners

Running is forever. Fitness trends come and go, but running is a mainstay of exercise for millions of Americans. After all, all one needs is a pair of sneakers and some will power to start running. For many, running is more than fitness, it’s a way of life. Running is their method of stress relief… Read more »

Stress and the Brain-Jaw Axis

Some of the most common pathologies I see at Bodywork Professionals are jaw tightness, pain and temporal-mandibular joint disorder (TMJD). Some people are aware of their jaw issues and come in specifically to address them. Others aren’t aware of their jaw tension until I make contact with it.

Capital Region Healthy Businesses

  Local Healthy Businesses The Pilates Principle EStudio Hot Yoga Saratoga Hot Yoga The Center For Nia and Yoga Center For Natural Wellness School of Massage Local massage Helen Lawson Home Fitness Trainers 518-374-5968 (cell) Affordable fitness training in the convenience of your home, office or gym!

Gong Baths in Albany – Latham New York

We are delighted to be offering the Gong Baths on Friday November 4th at the Pilates Principle.   If you have never been to the gong baths it is unlike anything else I’ve experienced before.Dan and Nacole will bring their 12 planetary gongs (so names because they are “tuned” with the vibe of the planets… Read more »

Tune Up Your Body in Latham NY

Whether it’s playing sports, typing or working on the job, over time your body’s framework will start to break down. You can start rebuilding with a massage. Massage therapist Nick Pavoldi said, “Maybe you have some neck pain, but I may spend that hour at your feet trying to relieve the neck pain because we’re… Read more »

The Move Toward Bodywork

There has been a trend in the region in the growing manual massage and bodywork therapy field. Driven by two massage schools in the area, Center for Natural Wellness and The Mildred Elley School of Massage, the region has become a new hotbed for manual therapy. This trend is an answer to the classic spa… Read more »