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Volleyball & Massage: Serving Up the Best Treatment

Talking about great summer-time sports wouldn’t be complete if we left out volleyball. All it takes is a ball, a net and poles, a flat surface and some willing players and, voila! You got a game goin’ on! Whether you’re an occasional backyard BBQ player or an avid beach or sand volleyball competitor, there are… Read more »


  Warm weather in upstate New York doesn’t last forever. So, most of us want to get outside and enjoy outdoor activities before we’re forced to take refuge indoors. One of those activities – swimming – is, of course, something that people can enjoy throughout the year, whether they belong to the local Y, they’re… Read more »


Given the recent horrific national and global events, and considering the stress and tension under which we all seem to be living in today’s world, we thought it would be a good time to talk about post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and the role massage can play as part of a holistic treatment plan. Tragic Events… Read more »


You may already know that Bodywork Professionals is offering its very popular summertime special of three massages for $220. You may think this is just a promotional offer, aimed at boosting business during the busy summer season. You’d only be partially right. While our Latham location has been in existence for ten years and is… Read more »


It’s now been three weeks since my last session of Rolf Structural Integration (SI) with Nick Pavoldi, the only Advanced SI practitioner in the Capital Region, and owner of Bodywork Professionals at 11 Spring Street in Saratoga Springs. During that session, we worked on my body’s relationship with the ground, and I learned how important… Read more »

Rolf Structural Integration – The Journey Continues Session # 2: Feet

Yesterday morning, I headed over to Bodywork Professionals in Saratoga Springs for my next session of Rolf Structural Integration (SI) body work with Nick Pavoldi. Nick is the only Advanced Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner in the Albany region and only one of a handful of practitioners statewide.  I considered my very fortunate that he had… Read more »

Rolf Structural Integration – A Journey of Transformation

At the invitation of Nick Pavoldi, owner of Bodywork Professionals and certified Rolf Structural Integration practitioner, I recently embarked upon a ten-series journey to re-align my body “in gravity” and literally affect how my body has shaped itself over the years. Hmm, you say. What does all that mean? I asked those same questions myself…. Read more »

Why Not Give Thai Massage a Try

When It Comes to Massage, Give Thai a Try! By Maureen Werther I was excited to meet Rebecca Morris, Senior Massage Therapist at Bodyworks, whose focus includes sports massage, myofascial release, and – the treatment I booked – Thai massage. My first experience at Bodywork Professionals had left me feeling calm, relaxed, and “de-stressed” –… Read more »

What is Swedish Massage? Pt. 1 History and Techniques

Swedish Massage Origins Swedish massage is a series of touches and movements of tissue and joints that causes relaxation, improved circulation, reduced muscle and emotional tension, improved flexibility, and easing of pain. While there is some controversy surrounding its origins, it is generally thought that Dr. Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839) created a program of touch… Read more »

Bodywork Adventure ~ Emily DeSalvatore

It had been several years since I “treated” myself to an hour of massage therapy, and I hurried up Spring Street to #11, a lovely old Saratoga building and home to Bodywork Professionals’ Saratoga Springs location. The beautiful brick façade and large oak-framed double doors led me into a broad Victorian staircase up to a… Read more »