Ashiatsu Massage Done with Feet

xperience. If you’ve ever said “Just walk on my back!” then you might be a candidate for Ashiatsu You may have noticed the two mounted to the walls in our Latham treatment room. Rose uses those to balance and support herself as she uses her feet work our deep knots, and muscle tension. The padding… Read more »

Congratulations Ron! Winner of this years Golden Ticket!

Congratulations Ron! He had a 1 in a 1000 chance of winning! We put everybody who bought a gift certificate or package into an had (actually spread out on a massage table) and picked from random one number. We went back though our system to find who bought that as a gift and gave him… Read more »

Becky returns from maternity!

Happy 2019!!! I hope the new year is treating you well. I can’t believe it is already here, I will be returning from maternity leave!!!! Micah is 3 months and is smiling and cooing away. He is holding up his head like a champ and I am pretty sure he’ll be moving and grooving soon…. Read more »

Thai Herbal Compress

On Amy’s recent training adventure to Thailand, she came across something really unique to Thailand and fell in love. Thai Herbal compresses are handheld herbal packs that are steam heated and used to slowly compress meridians throughout the body. In This Session These sessions will combine traditional Thai massage (deep passive stretching, compression along the… Read more »

2019 Massage Gift Certificates

This year we’ve created a really special gift certificate. I started with a the best paper you can get with Mohawk Strathmore DTC 280# stock. Mohawk produces some of the finest paper on the planet and this specialty stock was made for the letterpress. As always each certificate is hand pressed on my Golding #7… Read more »

Win a Golden Ticket!

For the first time ever we are giving away a Golden Ticket this year. Every gift certificate number will be thrown into a hat and drawn at random. One lucky winner is getting a pack of ten massages on us.    

Advanced Rolf Structural Integration workshop with Neal Powers

I love San Francisco. I feel a spark of energy when I’m there, a flash of creativity and taste for adventure. Neal Powers is a terrific guy, a wonderful teacher and one of the remaining old timers in the Rolf world. This work requires the practitioner to peel away layers and keep finding new ways… Read more »

The Bodywork Guild

This summer while I my daughter Rafaella was being born, I began work on the final stages of a dream a long time in the making and more that one thing entered the world in August of 2018 The Bodywork Guild is a continuing education platform for massage therapists in New York state and accredited… Read more »

The Golden Path

Updated 2019 We launching a new membership style service at Bodyworks called “The Golden Path”. It’s sort of the next step of the Golden Ticket. We’ve found that so many of our Golden Ticket holders use the work for themselves and family members and often request more sessions and we’ve got a way to do… Read more »

Welcome Rafaella Pavoldi

On August 18th, 2018 my daughter Rafaella was born at home in Saratoga. It’s been a powerful journey, and watching my wife deliver my second daughter, and getting to cut the cord attaching the two is something I simply wont ever forget. My paternity leave was a time to connect with my daughter Ophelia more… Read more »