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Niskayuna First look!

Bodywork Professionals Open Location in Niskayuna At Bodywork Professionals Niskayuna, we believe in your body’s powerful ability to heal and we believe in our ability to help. We put these beliefs into practice by providing a range of therapeutic massage and bodywork services. We listen to your needs and customize your service. We offer the… Read more »

Bodywork Professionals staff with mask on

Covid Cleaning Protocol (Updated June 2020) Complete

Cleaning post covid Bodywork Professionals   Lobby Sanitize all counter spaces with disinfectant Dust/Sanitize all retail shelves with disinfectant Wash Floors using disinfecting cleaner   Treatment Rooms Remove and Wash all bedding on tables Sanitize all counter space/wall hangings doors/chairs/doorknobs with disinfectant Sanitize Tables with disinfectant Sanitize Chairs with disinfectant Sanitize Towel Holders with disinfectant… Read more »

Dad Deserves it – 2020

I started dreaming of a shed before the pandemic started. I spent about an hour a day clearing an area, cutting trees down and sticking them ground, building the frame, and I plan to spend all Father’s Day getting the slate roof up. I had a lot to learn every step of the way. I… Read more »

On reopening

We will be reopening at some point in the future. I believe we will be in phase III, but dont have an exact date. bI plan to stick a fork in July 4th to see how it’s cooked. I’d like to think we might open the following Monday July, 6th provided state regulations allow it… Read more »


“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” Joseph Pilates By Susan Stweart Joseph Pilates was a spirited individual who realized possibility arises from challenge thus he focused his life on cultivating physical fitness and health due to the poor state of health he experienced with asthma, rheumatic fever, and rickets as a child. … Read more »

GYROKINESIS Capital Region New York

Gyrokinesis Introduction

Welcome to the GYROKINESIS® Method of exercise! GYROKINESIS what??? Gyro relates to rotation and Kinesis is movement or motion applied in a Method or particular procedure for accomplishing something, in this case physical effort to sustain or improve health and fitness through Exercise. Umm. Stimulates the Body The GYROKINESIS® Method stimulates the body and mind… Read more »

Mindful Moment II

By Rebecca Morris-Kascan Every day has beauty. Thank you for joining me for this mindful moment. In this moment we will be acknowledging and letting go of any frustrations, anger, fear and negative thoughts that are holding you back from happiness and finding enjoyment in your day. I’d like you to find a comfortable spot… Read more »

All About Corona Mandala

Staying at home over the last few weeks has given me a chance to work on some projects that I’d never have found the time to do otherwise. One dream project is to letterpress mandalas from my friend Allison (her work hangs in our Saratoga office). Mandalas are an ancient art form, both spiritual and… Read more »

Mindful Moment

Rebecca Morris-Kenscan, MA, LMT, has created a new series for us called Mindful Moments. These are short meditations designed to help relieve stress, manage feelings, and accept change… just for a moment. This Mindful Moment is about acknowledging feelings and letting them flow through you. Accepting change does not need to be feared, you can… Read more »