The Shift Toward Healing

There is a point when a malady reaches it’s nadir that the Shift to Healing can begin. It’s a point that fascinates me and learning to identify that moment can be an important part of recovery and healing. If you’ve ever gone surfing, you know the feeling of power and ease of standing on the… Read more »

Free Greeting Card with In-Store Pickup

I’ve had the elegant and beloved Virginia Cantarella design some holiday cards for us. I had the printed on paper made from recycled jeans and t-shirts on Mohawk Renewal paper. Each in shop pick up order will receive a free greeting card while supplies last. We are creating    

Low Back Pain

-Terri Fitzgerald, LMT LBP effects millions of people every year, physically and financially as it directly correlates to lost time at work therefore lost wages. There is also an emotional toll of living with chronic pain. One goes from feeling strong, capable and competent to feeling debilitated, tired and not able to do the same… Read more »

Feng Shui Door and The Cosmic Heart

After getting the Niskayuna building, we were left with the terrifying reality of having to renovate it to our aesthetic, as well as get it up to code. I contacted a rather mysterious Feng Shui consultant to help us with interior design. She listened with wrapped attention about the details of the business. She asked… Read more »

Everest J. Pavoldi

Dad Deserves It!

Dad is often the least of these when it comes to self care. Show him you care by helping him take care of himself. As a new father myself, it sometimes can feel like all eyes are on mom and baby and the other kids. Many times it seems like  a father I’m one step… Read more »

Updated mask policy

Our current policy is as follows: Masks are mandatory for non-vaccinated clients/ staff Masks are optional for vaccinated clients in session Masks are worn by default by therapist in session Masks are optional for vaccinated clients and staff outside of session I’ve struggled a bit with having separate policies regarding vaccination at the office. We… Read more »

Massage is a great gift for Mom!

Mother's Day Massage Gift Certificates Mother's day is always a special time of year. Spring is here, and the great earth mother wakes up from her hibernation and shows us the brilliance and splendor of the world that we have forgotten about. We always do a great deal for moms and this year is no... Read more »

Massage Tips for Love Birds 2021 – Facemask edition

Massage tips for at home. Each year I share some massage techniques from the pros anybody can use at home with their loved ones. Your loved one likely has to wear a facemask, and if they are anything like me, the back of my ears and head feel taxed. In an early post I mentioned… Read more »