2019 Massage Gift Certificates

This year we’ve created a really special gift certificate. I started with a the best paper you can get with Mohawk Strathmore DTC 280# stock. Mohawk produces some of the finest paper on the planet and this specialty stock was made for the letterpress.

As always each certificate is hand pressed on my Golding #7 foot powered letterpress front and back.

Adding a special extra touch I got my hands on a gold foil machine earlier in the year and each certificate has the Bodywork Guild seal on it.

Finally each one is hand numbered bringing these a four process certificate all done by hand.

I love doing this, and it makes me really happy to create them each year. I want the receiver of the certificate to know that they are in for a treat, that when they work with us they will work with someone who really cares about what we do and that shows in the quality of something small like the certificate they are holding in their hands.