2016 Letterpress production

The round plate before you in where the ink is stored. Each press rotates the plate a little for even coverage of the rollers The Golding #7 is foot powered I don’t even like to think about what would happen There is a rhythm to the work. The Golding makes some unique and ancient sounds and I’ve learned where in the process I am. It’s something of a dance when it all comes together Three rollers ink the plate before and after each pass. A small amount of ink goes an incredibly long way.

There are a couple of firsts pressed into our certificates this year. For starters, my apprenticeship with my letterpress teacher Lori has come to an end, and as fledgling

Nick doing his best not to look crazy while posing for a photo

printer I’ve bought the Golding #7 press from Boston. It’s a black beauty, steel and iron. All I see when I look at it is opportunity….. opportunity for fun. This is still a hobby, discovery of something of the past, and exploration in today’s technology. I like thinking about this beast being an innovation, about when it was new and I can only imagine 1n 1882 how happy someone was to see this and what they thought was possible with it. In 2015, I’m mixing the power of a computer with this steel to create something unique and wonderfully usable.


Second, for the first time ever, I’ve designed the certificates from top to bottom. Design is not a hobby, it’s a profession and I’m far from a pro. For more than a decade I’ve been noodling at the computer trying to give visual voice to the business I’d begin.  I’ve never been quite there as designer, and everything that’s been mass produced I’ve hired professional help until now. The things you’ll see from Bodyworks from this point on will mostly be from me, fought over and struggled on to take take things away and leave what’s important.


I realized some time ago what’s important is what things feel like. I kept pushing the boundaries of great paper and simply could no longer mass produce the quality I felt like my business and clients deserved. It led me to letterpress and embossed paper and the best way to do that was by hand and the best way to hand produce embossed, high quality paper was letterpress.


Realizing I knew nothing about letterpress I found the only one in the area and Lori would not return my calls or my emails. I found out from a third party she’d be volunteering on a Saturday and I put myself in front of her and finally, finally she agreed to work with me.


Fast forward a few years and we are wonderful friends, I’ve learned a ton, and now I’m a printer. A real printer. Coincidentally I’m also apparently a real designer, and I’ve got a long, wonderfully scenic road to enjoy on each of these hobby paths.
Check here for a full photo montage of the certificate production.